Porta Cabin Lead Generation and SEO Case Study

November 21, 2016

Porta Cabin Lead Generation and SEO Case Study


When we started working with Porta Cabin, they faced several challenges. Firstly, their website was brand new, resulting in zero traffic and limited online visibility. Additionally, lead generation via email was not effective in Pakistan, especially in 2015. The client was also not interested in utilizing paid advertising as a solution. Furthermore, their product was entirely new, which meant there were limited link-building opportunities available within the industry.


To overcome these challenges, we devised a strategic solution for Porta Cabin. Instead of relying on email marketing for lead generation, we focused on leveraging social media platforms and search engines to drive organic traffic and generate leads. We formulated a comprehensive SEO strategy to improve the website's visibility and implemented social bookmarking techniques for link building purposes.


The implementation of our solution yielded significant results for Porta Cabin. We successfully improved their keyword positions, resulting in enhanced visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). The client achieved consistency throughout the year in SERP rankings, further boosting their online presence. As a direct outcome, the client experienced a remarkable 5x increase in revenue. The most significant achievement was the generation of 50+ leads per month, which proved to be a great success for a new niche in a small market.
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